JusticePoint is an organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-informed criminal justice programs, practices, and policies.  The commitment to evidence-informed practices is firmly rooted in the belief that criminal justice outcomes can be improved through the use of collaboration, engagement, and the scientific method. The effect of these improved outcomes is not limited to criminal justice stakeholders, practitioners, defendants, and victims but has a direct impact on the quality of life for all in the community. Reduction in key criminal justice outcomes such as recidivism has a cumulative effect.  By stunting or limiting the recurrence of criminal activity criminal role modeling and the cycle of victimization can be eliminated.

Each community's needs, population, and political situations are unique.  By embracing evidence-based practices, JusticePoint acknowledges that programs must be designed and implemented differently in each community. As described in A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems, an evidence based framework, in itself, does not propose answers to all potential questions but provides for a collaborative process for making well informed decisions (CEPP, 2010). JusticePoint is firmly committed to being an engaged, educated, and willing partner in moving the criminal justice system towards achieving better outcomes for the community at large.  

Our Parent Company

JusticePoint is a member/subsidiary of The Difference Principle, Inc., a 501(C)3 nonprofit social justice organization dedicated to providing administrative services to social justice nonprofits.



Our Sister Companies


Starting Point, Inc. builds healthy communities by empowering individuals and families through innovative substance abuse prevention and intervention resources.







Justice Initiatives Institute, Inc. is a non-partisan policy and research organization dedicated to the advancement of criminal justice policy and legislation.



The mission of COPE Services is to provide emotional support and crisis intervention to Ozaukee County and the Greater Milwaukee Area. This mission will be accomplished by the maintenance of a 24-hour telephone helpline, a website, and development of education materials and programs.

The COPE Hotline is answered by trained listeners. They provide supportive listening to callers, crisis intervention and suicide prevention. The Hotline is available 24/7 and all calls to COPE are anonymous and confidential!

A Place to Talk Things Over: 262-377-2673