Description & Responsibilities

The Program Director is responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of JusticePoint’s Non-Residential Services for Adult Correctional Offenders in the Portage County Criminal Justice System.  Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, directing the provision of court and defendant/offender services, ensuring adequate staff coverage to fulfill contractual obligations, supervising program staff, ensuring activities and services are documented appropriately in paper and electronic program participant files, and working closely with the JusticePoint Executive Management team to ensure that program outcomes are met at levels that meet or exceed those outlined in the program contract between JusticePoint and Portage County.  The Program Director is responsible for staff recruitment, hiring, and training/staff development curriculum, as well monitoring performance outcomes and ensuring high quality program service delivery within the budget limitations outlined in the contract


  • Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Behavioral Sciences, or related field or a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields and equivalent managerial experience in criminal justice and/or human services;

  • Applied knowledge and understanding of mental illness, substance abuse, and the effects of poverty on various socioeconomic social groups;

  • Working knowledge of community mental health and AODA treatment resources;

  • Prior experience providing pretrial or other case management services;

  • Prior experience in management and staff supervision in a human services program;

  • Prior experience working with individuals from diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds;

  • Pre-employment background check is required.


  • Ensure adequate staffing to fulfill contract obligations;

  • Review and update staff training policy, procedure, and training manuals;

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, and training of staff and students;

  • Develop and oversee a process by which court report policies, program policies/protocols, and the Quality Assurance Plan are strictly adhered to;

  • Evaluate and update as needed all forms, release forms, and other documents needed to track case outcomes and services;

  • Provide ongoing review and quality assurance on case management services, casework documentation, court reports, and reports to appropriate Portage County stakeholders and administrators;

  • Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports to all funding sources as required in the contract for services.


  • Permanent full-time, with benefits

  • Reports to the agency’s Director of Justice Programs - Wisconsin